How much does a high ear piercing hurt?

I am thinking about piercing the rim of my ear which is basically a high ear piercing. I have an EXTREMELY low tolerance for pain. I am wondering how much does it hurt? Is it worth it? Thx! I am not talking about the curved part, but the part by/under it. Thx!

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  1. cateyes092305 Says:

    well if you have had ur lower ear done its the same dosent hurt i had mine done before put ice on it to numb it then do it u wont feel it FYI dont do ur nose that does hurt lol

  2. MiniStarx2 Says:

    I have the industrial piercing ; when i got it i really hurt , it was like a big Pinch & it went on hurting for a month or maybe more. Now its almost 1 year and the high ear hole hurts me from time to time. Sometime it hurts really badly sometimes it doesn’t ; My doctor told me thats one part of he ear that will forever hurt because its pinna and it in a way kind of grindy so in a way you will forever have some pain if you decided to get the piercing.

  3. Chakula bora Says:

    Hi it will hurt quit a bit because that is where the soft bone of the ear is, i can suggest that you ask then to inject you with an anesthesia on the sight that they will pierce as this will help numb the pain but its not that painful as the one of the nose all the best you will look pretty afterwards

  4. Jessica Says:

    It will feel like a big pinch, it’s hard to describe really. It hurts because it’s going through the cartilage in your ear, so it’ll take a long time to heal, just remember to clean it, and wash your hands before touching your piercing, and only move it around a little once a day or so. Good luck.

  5. Emmy Says:

    Get it done with a needle at a clean place, not a gun. This will minimize pain and chance of infection and/or other complications. It’s worth it if you like the way it looks. Yes it does hurt, but it’s really not that bad. Make sure to keep it clean and follow the aftercare religiously, and it should heal relatively quickly and be painless when fully healed.

  6. Rachael Says:

    well yeah it does depending on the person

  7. xx_loser_kid_xx Says:

    ive had my lobes, the part i think your on about and the top of my ear pierced multiple times

    my pain tolerance is quite low, and (im hoping your getting pierced with a needle as it hurts less) its about 4/10 but it only lasts 2 seconds before its over

    it is worth it, id happily get mine re done over and over again without a second thought

    All the best xxx

  8. Heather[TBTMK] Says:

    If you have pierced your first hole, than any other one will hurt just about the same..which the pain isn’t very much at all.
    If you’re meaning cartilage, that will hurt a bit more..but not much more.
    Get it done by a professional piercer.
    Who uses a needle, instead of a gun. It’s safer for you.
    (and no, it doesn’t hurt more with a needle, in fact, it hurts less.)
    Also, clean it very well.
    Good luck! xoxo.

  9. E Says:

    For me, it did not hurt at all initially, it just felt like a lobe piercing (done with a needle). But there was some trouble getting the ball in the hoop, so my piercer was tugging on it for about 10 minutes trying to get it in… Needless to say my ear was the colour of a plum and I couldn’t sleep unless I was constantly taking tylenol.
    Just make sure your piercer knows what they are doing!

    And for fuck’s sake do not get it pierced with a gun.

  10. Afura Says:

    Ultimately, it’s dependent on the person as everyone reacts to pain differently. Personally, I hate needles, not really fond of causing myself pain, but I have 2 cartilage piercings and I have no qualms about getting more when I get around to it. It’s about 2 seconds of pain (akin to being pinched hard), then you’re done. To me it hurt no more than getting my lobes pierced, really.

    If you’re nervous about the pain, I’d suggest going to a professional piercer who pierces by needles, and not by a gun, as it’s an unsanitary way to get pierced, and also tend to hurt more. Talk with your piercer before you get it done as well as you’re more comfortable with getting it done.

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