What are the odds a facial piercing will grow out?

I'm considering getting my sideburn pierced and possibly my lip later, but i just read that apparently, even with the jewelry in the piercing, a facial piercing can grow out. What are the chances this will happen? Is there any way to know before hand whether or not it would grow out our stay in?

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  1. dein_85 Says:

    Do you mean like the jewelry being forced out or the skin growing over the piercing. Both can happen, but the former is less likely. I’ve heard of cases where the skin over the piercing (where the bar is under) becoming thin enough that the piercing was pushed out. But usually that was because the piercing was not done deep enough. As far as the skin being able to grow over the piercing, it can happen. It’s not a very frequent occurrence but it has been known to take place. There are ways of preventing both from happening. First of all, the piercing should be deep enough in the skin to hold the piercing and sustain the weight of the jewelry over a period of time. This isn’t complicated and most piercers do it right. Cases of surface piercing coming through the skin usually happen because the person that pierced it didn’t know what they were doing. To prevent the skin from growing over the piercing is simple enough (in MOST cases). Just make sure the jewelry is big enough and the piercing is taken care of properly. Most situations involving a piercing where the skin has grown over the jewelry happen when the ball (like on a labret or monroe piercing) is very small. When you first get a piercing, the ball should be adequately sized. Not huge, but about the size of the top of a navel bar. There have been some cases where the skin has grown over the jewelry even when the jewelry was appropriate in size. But they don’t happen often. And truthfully, the only way you will know if this is going to happen is to have them done. There’s not really any way of predicting if this will happen or not, sometimes nature just has her way.

  2. Olivia H Says:

    The term is rejection. It only happens to surface piercings. Like for example, an eyebrow piercing is a surface piercing. Anything that goes in one part of a skin surface and exits the same surface. Like your lip would be fine. But surface piercings tend to reject, they always will, it just depends on how long it will take. I’m not sure what you mean by sideburn piercing, but if it’s a surface piercing it will grow out eventually and it leaves nasty scares, so when it started to act up, just take it out. Hope I helped. :]

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