I just got my left eyebrow pierced horizontally and i REALLY need some answers on migration: fist of all, Do all eyebrow piercings migrate?, i have a silicone barbell, will this eliminate the chance of migration??, and if migration does always occur, after how long does this happen?? Finally, what is the chance of migration (if not all eyebrow piercings migrate) ? thank you! i got it for my 18th birthday, and the piercer said that using a silicone barbell and caring for it properly should minimize the risk of migration... I'm still scared for it though...

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  1. Genovia Says:

    how old are you? My 17 year old sister got that done, and it migrated out of her head, it was painful, if your body is done growing , it wont migrate, and it leaves a nasty scar, if your youndm take it out before you get a scar.

  2. Joey G Says:

    first of all, you should have not of gotten the piercing becasue no job place would like you second of all they are groos lookin

  3. Cherry Amp Says:

    All piercings can migrate it doesn’t matter what you have in. It depends on how well your body can handle having a piercing.

  4. m.forsberg Says:

    Well, a lot of questions, but here it goes…
    1) Silicone is not a proper material for a healing piercing (it may be Tygon or PTFE if it’s a clear flexible plastic) so you may want to double check what he pierced you with, or get a second opinion from another piercer.
    2) A well placed piercing, with proper jewelry and proper aftercare, should not migrate. That said, there are a lot of things that can keep a piercing irritated and make it more prone to migrating. Some of these are touching/turning/playing with the jewelry, harsh chemicals on it, irritants such as makeup/ hair products constantly getting in it.
    3) It’s impossible to say the chances of your piercing migrating. There are just a lot of variables that go into how well you will heal. The easiest way to look at it is this… you body has a foreign object in it and it’s going to do whatever is best to heal you. If it is easier for your body to heal around the piercing it will, or if it is easier to try and push that jewelry out that is what it will try and do. That is why what the jewelry is made of, what style of jewelry it is, where it is placed, etc are all so important. I know that is a very simplified explanation of it, but I hope it helps.

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