Can you shed some light on RH Negative Blood Types?

I recently discovered that my blood type is AB negative, and I have heard many things about negative blood types - for example pregnancies may be a problem. I also went to a website that said similarities between people having RH Negative blood include - 1. predominance of green or hazel eyes that change color like a chameleon, but also blue eyes 2. true red or reddish hair 3. low pulse rate 4. low blood pressure 5. keen sight or hearing 6. ESP 7. extra rib or vertabrae 8. UFO connections 9. love of space and science 10. a sense of not belonging to the human race 11. piercing eyes 12. para-normal occurrences 13. physic dreams 14. truth seekers 15. desire for higher wisdom 16. empathetic illnesses 17. deep compassion for fate of mankind 18. a sense of a 'mission' in life 19. physic abilities 20. unexplained scars on body 21. capability to disrupt electrical appliances 22. alien contacts Do you think there's any truth to this 'coincidence'? Because I for one have hazel eyes, I believe I have low blood pressure, I am VERY interested in science and space, I have a sense of mission in life and I have had a few paranormal and psychic type incidents in my life. These are only a few of the coincidences. I'm just asking your opinion, and maybe if you do have an RH Negative blood type, do you have any of these too?

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