How much does a rook piercing hurt?

I've got my tragus pierced, and that didn't hurt much, so is a rook piercing about the same? Or does it hurt more?

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  • How much does a lip piercing hurt compare to a rook or tragus piercing? ...I had my rook done yesterday, and my tragus done last week. My tragus didn’t hurt at all, and my rook was a tiny bit worse, but neither really hurt at all. I want my lip done, but am scared it will hurt, does anyone have a lip piercing & a tragus and/or rook piercing? ...

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  • ***ROOK PIERCING~!!!? ...i have my first and second holes. my helix(cartilage) my tragus and my belly button. i dont even no if i have a high pain tolerance. but i sorta want my rook plus i think it looks so cute.my1st and 2nd didn’t hurt at all and my cartilage didn’t either. Ive had those for about...

  • Would a rook piercing clash with my helix piercing? ...If any of you have your tragus and rook pierced which hurt more? I have my tragus pierced and I’m not too worried about pain I just want to know. And do you think that a rook piercing would clash with my helix (cartilage) piercing? ...

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