This song/poem is for Tom it good.?

I love you tom, I always will. When I heard that blink broke up,I was about to kill. I missed all your jokes. & I missed how you spoke. I loved your singing. & your lip piercing. I'm glad blink is back together.& I hope it stays like that forever. Tom where did you go wrong. I don't like your new songs. My sister thinks I'm crazy,because I'm so obsessed. I wish that you would just touch my chest (lol) You said "The only reason in the world that I bought a computer was to look up UFO sites". Well.. the only reason in the world that I bought a computer was to look up tom delonge. Me&you believe that aliens exist. But all I want is one simple kiss. I would do anything to have you. I would do anything to kiss you. I would do anything to hold you. Just once and my life would be so much better. I love you tom delonge. And that's why I just wrote this song. :) Brooke.

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