again how much are these yugioh cards worth?

found a box of old cards so here they are. ( note all the cards i name are in mint condition and most of them more than likly are banned and suck but their old as god its not my fault) their arranged by name, rarity and pack 1st edition cards double spell, MFC, ultra rare snach steal, MRL, ultra rare UFO turtle, MRL, rare magic reflector, LOD, rare return of the doomed, LON, rare de-fusion, LON, super rare Muka muka, MRD, rare Broww,huntsman of the dark world, EEN, rare Ultra evolution pill, IOC, rare Dark blade the dragon knight, RDS, rare Statue of the wicked, PGD, super rare Spear dragon, LOD, super rare Fatal abacus, LOD, rare D.D. trap hole, CRV, rare Injection fairy lily, LOD, secret rare XZ- tank cannon, MFC, super rare Gate guardian, MRD, secret rare serpent knight dragon, MRL, secret rare Creature swap, LOD, ultra rare Imperial order, PSV, secret rare rare cards white magical hat, MRD muka muka, MRD ultimate insect LV1, SOD magician of faith x 2, MRD penalty game, FET Spirit of the harp, LOB red-moon baby, PSV return of the doomed x 2, LON Manga ryu- ran, MRL skull invitation, PSV the shallow grave, PSV dimensionhole, PSV mask of brutality, LON shining angel, MRL gilasaurus, LON rush recklessly, MRL gravity bind x 2, PSV great moth x 2, MRD Hyozanryu, MRL thunder nyan nyan, LOD apprentice magician x 2, MFC reckless greed, PGD dragon capture jar, LOB princess of tsurugi x 2, MRD triangle power, AST elegant egotist, MRD little chimera x 2, MRD milus radiant x 2, MRD mad sword beast, PSV infinite cards x 2, LON giant germ, MRL dragoness the wicked knight, LOB appropriate, PSV fissure x 2, LOB opticlops, LOD charubin the fire knight x 2, LOB rope of life, DR1 shift, PSV hyabusa knight x 2, PSV sprit of the breeze, LON jowgen the spitirualist, LON giant soldier of stone, LOB monster recovery, PSV robbin' goblin, MRD white hole, TP3 prohibition, PSV amphibian beast, LON bladefly, MRD star boy, MRD dark elf, MRD fake trap, MRD masked sorcerer, MRD hoshiningen, MRD witch's apprentice, MRD shield & sword, MRD shadow goul, MRD cannon soldier, MRD super rare tragedy, RDS bazoo the soul- eater, LON fairy meteor crush, PSV twin-headed thunder dragon x 2, MRD polymerization, LOB spell shield type- 8, MFC celtic guardian, LOB dark-piercing light, MP1 reflect bounder, DR1 garnecia elefantis, MRD heavy storm, MRD catapult turtle, MRD ultra rare time wizard, MRD solemn judgment, MRD seven tools of the bandit, MRD ceasefire, PSV united we stand, LON magic jammer, MRD shinato, king of a higher plane, DCR red-eyes black dragon, JMP secret rare salamandra, DDS seiyaryu, DDS red- eyes black metal dragon, FMR skull dice, EDS valkyrion the magna worrior, SDD thousand dragon x 2, MRD gaia the dragon champion, MRD blue- eyes white dragon , DDS dark magician, DDS perfectly ultamate great moth, TSC metalmorph, FMR blue-eyes toon dragon, MRL graceful dice, EDS hard to find cards, awarded cards, sets of cards exodia the forbidden one x 2, 1 is UR, LOB. the other is, DDS, secret rare right arm of the forbidden one x 3, UR, LOB right leg of the forbidden one, UR, LOB left arm of the forbidden one x 2, UR, LOB left leg of the forbidden one, UR, LOB Kazejun x 3, SR, MRD Suijin x 2, SR, MRD sanga of the thunder x 2, SR, MRD gate guardian, secret rare, MRD destiny board, UR, LON sprit message,I,N,A,L, rare, LON Knighte's title, secret rare, ROD dark magician knight, secret rare, ROD pyramid of light, common, MOV andro sphinx, UR, EP1 sphinx teleia, UR, EP1 theinen the great sphinx, UR, EP1 (japanies or some kind of asian) The glory of the kings right hand, promo card from tourny in asia or japan (im not sure)

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