Vertical Industrial Healing Process (help)?

Just 2 days ago i had gotten a Vertical Industrial that goes from my Helix to my lobe. The piercer did a great job of mapping and the bar doesn't touch anything inside my ear. Everything was going good and it only truly hurt when i bumped into things, but as of right now, it (the pierced part of the helix) is throbbing for no real reason. The bar is 1 3/4 long and a 14 gauge. I can easily push the bar up so the ball up top isn't pressing on the helix (the lobe piercing doesn't hurt at all) Is this normal? I'm currently using h2ocean as my main cleaning supply, but would a nice warm salt bath be helpful as well?

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  1. Chelsea Says:

    Its just your skin healing itself. Make sure that you are not playing with it, because the bacteria on your hands can cause an infection. Wash it twice daily (no more, no less) and make sure you clean the whole bar, and under the balls (don’t laugh). salt and water will help, but just run it over the ear, as apposed to scrubbing. If the problem continues for more than a week, go see the person who pierced it. They will be happy to help you, so that you will be a return client. Also, it could be that you accidentally sleep on it. Try to make sure that you are not rolling over in your sleep.

    Good luck !

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