Anti tragus piercing question?

I'm planning on getting my anti tragus pierced soon, and was wondering if getting just one side would look stupid. Would it be better to get both, would it look better? Also, how much does the pain compare to a cartilage piercing? Is it difficult to clean because of the angle? Finally, how long does it usually take to heal? Sorry for so many questions...but thanks in advance!!

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  1. Menard K Says:

    Be advised
    that Piercings are UN-NATURAL

    Mother Earth Loves U!

  2. lil_bower45 Says:

    An antitragus piercing is done in cartilage, just so you know. The whole ear is cartilage.

    I think you were meaning “…a lobe piercing…”

  3. katliketheef Says:

    It’s supposed to be either one of, or the most painful cartilage piercing…that and the conch. I have a conch(and yes, it was more painful than any of my other piercings…I’ve got 3 other cartilage piercings, both sides of my nose, both sides of my lip, navel..and than normal lobes, and stretched lobes), but not an anti-tragus.
    I think whether you get one side or both is up to you…try one side first, and than decide later if you want the other side also, since it’ll be easier to sleep..I don’t think only one side looks stupid though.

    Cartilage takes about a year to heal completely, and it’s prone to hypertrophic scarring.

    Hopefully someone who has one can come along and help you out more…

    lil, helix piercings are commonly just referred to as ‘cartilage piercings’, that’s what I’m thinking she meant by cartilage… but yeah the anti-tragus is a cartilage piercing also..

  4. Pamswellminttt. Says:

    i think one side would look better.
    it hurts about as much as cartilage.
    it’s ok to clean.
    it takes about 6 months.

  5. marissa112126 Says:

    i only have my one done and i love it
    it takes a year to a year and a half to fully heal
    it isn’t hard to clean
    mine didn’t hurt at all

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