i have my first and second holes. my helix(cartilage) my tragus and my belly button. i dont even no if i have a high pain tolerance. but i sorta want my rook plus i think it looks so cute.my1st and 2nd didn't hurt at all and my cartilage didn't either. Ive had those for about 2 years. i just got my tragus in like march and my belly on april fools day. i tought the tragus would hurt so much more so when they did it, it didn't hurt "that" bad but still kinda hurt i guess. how bad does the rook hurt?scale 1 to 10...10 being the worst i know everyone is different but i still wanna know. also if you have personal experience please share i also kind of want my foward helix. but just so you no im not like alllll into peircing...i just get what i think looks cute or what i like. also my cartilage is on my left ear and my tragus is on my right so which ear would the rook look good on..i was thinking my left but idk. also if i did get it on the left and i decided to get my foward helix i would get that on my right and would that look weird with the tragus then right above it my helix? please help

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