Which piercing?????????????????????????????

im getting my ear pierced today and i was thinking about my industrial,tragus,inner rook,or forward helix. which of out of these hurt the most,and the least. which is most popular? which hurts the mostttt???????

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  • Cool ear piercings…………………………………….? ...i really want a new ear piercing i already have my first and second hole on my lobe, and i dont want to gauge them. I like the industrial bar but my mom wont let me yet. The tragus looks really painful, and i cant do a rook on my ear. i dont want a helix because everybody...

  • ***ROOK PIERCING~!!!? ...i have my first and second holes. my helix(cartilage) my tragus and my belly button. i dont even no if i have a high pain tolerance. but i sorta want my rook plus i think it looks so cute.my1st and 2nd didn’t hurt at all and my cartilage didn’t either. Ive had those for about...

  • What is the most painful ear piercing? Would i be able to deal with rook pain? ...I have 4 lobe piercings, 1 helix, an industrial, a tragus and a mid ear ear cartilage piercing. I was wondering which is most painful, the conch has to hurt alot and im thinking about getting a rook, if i already have these (they were cake, didnt hurt) would a rook give me any more...

  • Rook in comparison to an inner conch piercing? ...I’m going to get my rook pierced in about two weeks. I keep reading about how much the rook “hurts” because the amount of cartilage it goes through, but I’ve squeezed my rook and I’ve squeezed my conch (which has been doubly pierced for about a year), and the conch seems to be much thicker....

  • industrial piercing expirences? ...i am getting my industrial pierced on my bday. feb 4! andd im a bit scared, i dont know why, i have had my tragus,inner conch, rook, belly,lip,septum, anti tragus, snug and several helix piercings before… out of all of them my rook was the most painful for me, how was your expirence with this piercing...

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