Do extraterrestrials exist?

Do aliens exist? Everyone knows about the incident at Roswell when and ufo crashed in a farm and it was nothing like we've ever seen before. They recovered 1 alien corpse and 2 live aliens, and the materials from the ship were unheard of paper thin metal yet It couldn't bent, pierced, cut, penetrated, burnt and a whole list of other things. The Battle of Los Angeles(The actual event not the movie) when 1500 anti aircraft rounds were fired at a UFO. Supposedly a hot air balloon but how can a balloon take 1500 anti aircraft rounds? Also the nasa photos of Gigantic metal ships flying over the sun, some predicted to be the size of jupiter. The ships would travel extremely close to the sun and were even seen to fly in and out of it. Also the NASA photos of a weird looking hairy creature on mars. Last but not least the pictures of the moon. Where objects seem to be flying to the Other side of the moon which scientist have never seen before. Are all of these incidents evidence of aliens or are they really what they claim to be? And if they do exist and attack Earth do you think we have the weapons and technology to fight them off?

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