how painful is a forward helix piercing?

i've always been ok with pain, i have my vertical tragus done, which is the surface piercing just infront of my tragus, and that didnt hurt at all. i also have my lobes done which i presume wouldnt make a difference because they arent painful anyway. but i just want to know how painful my forward helix would be in comparason to my vertical tragus.

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  1. lipysticky Says:

    i imagine it would hurt as its a really tough bit of cartilage, and if not done correctly the cartilage can smash.
    which would hurt alot, this is a piercing that MUST be done b y a needle and not a gun (due to the rish of smashing the cartilage.)

  2. Panther Gurl Says:


  3. Amanda Says:

    I got my forward helix pierced this past Saturday and it was a breeze. It didn’t hurt one bit, and was done in less than a minute. I’ve had friends who have had their tragus and forward helix pierced, and they say that the forward helix is by far less painful.

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