What to do with keloid or hypertrophic scar on rook piercing?

So I got my rook (upper cartilage piercing) pierced a little more than two months ago and within the first month, I noticed this bump encircling the hole of the piercing. Compared to my unpierced rook, my pierced rook has that raised slightly reddish bump and is bigger/more swollen. However, it is not itchy and it doesn't hurt painfully. Just slightly tender when it is touched. I went to my piercer and he said that it looks to be the start of a keloid. He advised me to do sea salt soaks and use tea tree oil. So I've been doing this for a full week and still I do not see any results. I have to say that doing all that salt soaking and putting on tea tree oil has made the piercing site even more tender. Is this normal? It is also becoming drier, but I don't see any flaking. The size of the bump appears the same and it is not going away. What should I do? Should I continue with the soaks and tea tree oil? Have any of you had similar experiences? Thanks a lot.

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