Opinions on a vertical tragus piercing.?

So I've been debating whether or not to get mine done soon but I've been doing some research and many people say it's very easy for the body to reject it. Any personal experiences with that and will it be worth it?

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  1. Ashlee Says:

    you should get it=] theyre amazing=]

  2. Pokegurl89 Says:

    best thing to do is talk to the piercers. there are good and bad piercers so do be careful on who/ where u go to get it done. bc some dont care they will just do it to get the buck. and others they will say it can or it cant. if they say it can come out then it is up to u to get it or not. some will explaine.

    i got my belly pierced. my friend took me to check out some piercers. she did not like any so she said lets go to this place it seems nice. but they guy just did it. later on i wanted another piercing i went back to the same place as they said they dont go under the belt. so i went to this other place that i like that my friend did not. i went in the people there talk to me explained about the piercing and yes i did my research. they told me do’s and dont’s. i should of ask the people about my belly piercing bc it was being rejected. about 3 months later i went back bc i was concerned about my new piercing so the guy looked at it and told me it fine and what not and telling him my concerns. then i showed him my belly finding out that the person who pierced it should have not done it as my belly shape is not right for it.

    also finding out what kinds of degrees they have is also good to know bc then u should know if they know what they r talking about its helpful.

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