Advice on a Vertical Tragus?

Im considering getting a vertical tragus piercing, and i cant find any concrete information on it. i keep getting either 100% positive feedback, or terrifying infection stories.. Does anyone know the chances of this surface piercing getting infected? And when if i take it out, how bad will the scarring be? Just some background- i have a smiley piercing, as well 2 standard lobe piercings on both ears, and two tattoos (so pain isnt much of an issue for me) Any information on this super rad piercing would be amazing. lol

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  1. Evan B Says:

    Well, it is risky. Make sure the person your going to, make sure the shop looks sanitary. CLEAN THE SH*T out of the area. The odds are if you keep good hygiene you probably wont get an infection. This advice/opinion. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  2. Alexa Says:

    i think vertical tragus piercings are pretty cool myself. people that i know that have got them have had nothing but success with them. I would be worried if it was your first piercing because the changes of rejection, but obviously rejection isn’t an issue for you. As long as you follow the standard rules, you know “dont touch it to much, clean it 3 times a day…” and so on i think you’ll be fine! make sure you go to a good piercer though.

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