How bad does an Industrial piercing hurt?

I have my nose pierced and I have a monroe piercing. How's the pain for an industrial? I want a new piercing, not on my face and I am leaning towards this, but am curious about the pain.

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  1. Daizee Says:

    I dont want to scare you ;[ but it made me scream LOL

    Its the bit closest to your head that absolutley canes

    but its worth it in the end :)

  2. Sunshine Says:

    It hurts like HELL and just about 50% of them end badly due to the fact that you have one bar connecting to two pieces of your ear. half of my friends have them and half of those friends had theirs ripped or burned out of their ear due to the constant friction of the bar against the two skin holes. i have 18 piercings (9 of which are on my face) and i still would never dream of getting one of those after i’ve seen what happens in 6 months. My friends who lost the piercing had the bar rejected and now have indents in their ears like something took a bite out of them.

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