Hi! I have to make an online survey on everyone's opinion about body modification. Here are the choices: 1) Breast augmentation 2) Tattoo 3) Body / Ear Piercing (state which piercings would you like/do you have) 4) Plastic surgery (which part of your body) 5) Neck elongation 6) Foot binding Pick out which one have you done/ planning to have. And also state out your nationalities. Thanks! This is for my project in school :) also state if you're male or female , thanks :)!

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  • have you ever pierced your ears and gotten keloids? ...where and how did you pierce it and what month did you do it in? PLz answer seriously i want to do a survey for a school project…..remember tell me the month u did it in and how long after did you get a the keloids ...

  • What right do lawmakers have to ban genital piercing? ...So there was a law enacted in Georgia not long ago (now repealed) that made it illegal for a consenting adult female to get her genitals pierced. Men, however, were still allowed genital piercings. This is not a health issue, as genital piercings are *very* safe. It’s rare to have any complications (such as infection)...

  • What types of non-genital minor body modifications (piercings, etc.) look decent on a male? ...I’ve been thinking about getting a body piercing or other form of minor body art/modification, but I can’t think many good ideas for a male. Navel piercings usually carry an effeminate connotation. Nipple rings sound kind of cool, but maybe a bit extreme for my persona. I’d rather not have something to obvious on my...

  • Why is everyone so narrow minded about body modifications? ...I’m looking into getting my tongue split. That is a major body mod I know, but I’ve wanted it for a long time now. I have 6 tattoos and two of them cover the front of my neck. I am 24 years old, and yes I’m a well balanced individual. I work currently as C.N.A,...

  • Do you consider genital reassignment surgery to be a body modification/nullification? ...I find it incredibly offensive when people think that genital reassignment surgery (SRS/GRS) is a type of body modification or nullification as specified on this link: If people only knew that for a true transsexual, GRS/SRS is a matter of life and death, they wouldn’t have the audacity to compare it with a tattoo or a...

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