How can i hide my lip piercing at school?

I wanna get it pierced but im not sure if its going to be as easy to hide as my nose piercing. I got my nose done today and i already bought a clear stud to put in for when i start school. Will a lip clear stud be as easy to hide? And does a lip piercing hurt? Im deff not ashamed of my piercings, i could care less what people think. I can't have facial piercings at school.

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  1. Coach Woody Says:

    If you’re ashamed of a piercing,

    Or if it causes you to be singled out by affiliation rules,

    Don’t kid yourself. You don’t need the hassle.

  2. learning love Says:

    no it dosent hurt,as much a a nose piercing. And, get a clear stud. same thing It might be a little notcieable :)

  3. You love me; riiiight?? Says:

    Why would you want to hide it if you wanted it? Put a band-aid over it.

    I never had a lip piercing (never will), but I’m sure any piercing would hurt ..?

  4. gina Says:

    wow your school sucks ahah my school doesnt care and im only in 8th grade ( last year of middle school) but hmm i dont think you should get a lip theyr kinda gross and guys dnt rlly like them so i wouldnt but i like nose and idk you could get a clear and put cover up over it or you could get one that matches your skin…?

  5. GhostFlower Says:

    i would get it pierced when you can have time to let it heal first, both your nose and your lip..
    it makes the healing process more difficult when you are constantly changing jewelry..
    i used to have to take my lip piercing at an old job…
    what i did was wore labret jewelry, and screwed the ball off on the end.. that allows the post to stay through the hole, but nothing visible on the outside of my face… just be careful.. i swallowed alot of labret backs…
    you can also wear the clear ones, but to me, those are more noticeable..
    oh and yes.. it hurt, but not as bad as my nose

    good luck

  6. Alyssa Says:

    welll you could get a clear stud but it will be a little noticable. and YES it hurts very bad because that it a very sensitive area of the face.

  7. Kimmy V Says:

    It’s a quick pain that goes away as soon as the needle goes through. A clear lip stud should be all you need and if that doesn’t help, try putting a band aid over it. I can’t believe some schools are like that!

  8. Lilly Says:

    Well when I pierced my lip I always had to hide it from my mom, so I have some experience in this area. The best thing to do would probably be to put one of those small round band-aids over it and tell people you split your lip open (or you could get butterfly stitches and put it over that) so you can keep the bandaid on for about 2 months (the time it takes to heal) and then just switch it out whenever you are in the presence of a teacher.

  9. Cazz Says:

    same here. i had mine done just over a week ago, and first things first, it doesnt hurt, and compared to a nose piercing you’ll be fine. obviously you feel it, but i found that it was so fast by the time i realised there was a little bit of pain it was already over with and all was good. to hide it for school by a clear labret stud. I’m not sure if it’ll be that noticable as I havent tried it myself yet, but my school are extremily strict and im gonna go for it. I dont know what your reputation is like at school, but if they see mine and ask me to take it out, i’ll simpily refuse ;D
    hope i helped.

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