Inner Conch Piercing aftercare?

So I got my inner conch pierced on Sunday (The 13th) And I was told to do sea salt soaks for 5 minutes twice everyday. Well I've been doing that, then somebody I was talking to whom just got theirs done was told to do salt soaks AND clean it with soap. They were using Dial foaming soap. So I went out and bought some, it's antibacterial and antimicrobial. So what I do is in the morning do a salt soak..then after I shower I do the soap cleaning AND another salt soak. Well today after I did the soap cleaning it stung like a bitch! and when I cleaned it with a qtip around the edge of the piercing I noticed a very little bit of blood, nothing major just tiny pink streaks on the end of the qtip. Is this normal? I haven't had any crusties or puss so far, the piercing DOES hurt really bad still though, but I was told that was normal. But should I keep doing the sea soaks AND using the soap? the piercer only told me to do the seas soaks. So any help will be appreciated!

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