Can drinking beer before my lip piercing is healed lead to a yeast infection?

I found a few articles through google on this... says that no, you cannot get a yeast infection, while says that you can (although I don't think I'd trust this one since they spelled "beer" as "bear") Apparently this is a common myth, so if you're going to answer, it'd be great if you could back it up with facts, because I'm kinda lost here. I know straight alcohol is a no-no. Thanks :)

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  1. -metalhead- Says:

    I know that happens for SURE when you have a tongue piercing..but I’m not sure about the lip just to be safe, I wouldn’t do it

  2. robert y Says:

    To be on the safe side – will it kill you to abstain from drinking beer until the healing is complete? What is it – 6 weeks tops?

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