Rash on Navel Piercing (HELP!)?

i got my navel pierced 13 days ago. i know i shouldnt have but i took it out a few times and put a bioplast bar and a 9 carat gold bar in , only for 5 minutes at a time though. i wear a plaster over it every night(because i do sport). i clean it well and have no soreness or extreme redness , it only gets abit crusty in the mornings. i have some tiny pinprick red , slightly raised lumps on my belly button and around my stomach area. is this to do with my piercing? Please answer! i am wearing the original bar i got it pierced with . it has only been like this for about 2 days or so.

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  1. Emma Louise' Has returned (: Says:

    dont change it.
    dont touch it.
    wash your hands before u clean it.
    leave it alone other than when you’re cleaning it.

  2. gyrlsapphire Says:

    it could be the type of jewelry you are wearing

  3. ??ced Says:

    Stop covering it. Your piercing needs to breath, and your covering it daily is only suffocating it & trapping bacteria and moisture in. Keep it clean, don’t cover it and stop changing it.

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