Should I get a tattoo or an industrial piercing?

I'll be 16 in December. Don't give me all of that age nonsense. A minor can get a tattoo or piercing with parental consent. Anyway, I'm not expecting much for my birthday this year. I've wanted a small wrist tattoo for a while now, either a heart or music note or something along those lines. Yes, it has meaning to me, I don't want it just for the sake of having a tattoo. But I've recently discovered the industrial piercing, and the idea is growing on me. Now I'm torn between the two. Since it will be my birthday, not just a random thing, I thought, I should just break down and get both. But another problem is my parents. During the summer I wanted a nose stud, and when I told my parents they didn't say no, but they were contemplating it. I changed my mind about that anyway, but now in this case, the tattoo especially is more "extreme" I guess you could say. I know a girl in my gym class who's mom was getting a tattoo one day and just allowed her to get one. She got a flower on her foot. I know my parents won't be that easily convinced. So my questions are, Should I get the tattoo or piercing, or both? Also how can I tell my parents? I don't see why the piercing is that big of a deal, and the tattoo will be very small and easy to cover up. The only piercings I have are on both of my ear lobes. No big deal. And I got that in 3rd grade. I'm a good person, it's not like I'll become some drug addict or anything. Please don't try to convince me to not get either.

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  1. kelly Says:

    Get the piercing because you can’t regret it later.
    Having a generic tattoo in such a visible location could really screw you down the road when you reach mental maturity.

  2. Ali Berbar Says:

    get one down low so if it doesn’t turn out right, no one will ever see it except for your mom.

  3. Sarah Says:

    I think you should decide which one you want the most and get the other one later. If you go to your parents asking for both, they will probably just turn you down. If you can’t decide which one to get, think about what your parents will more than likely agree to. Once you decide, research the place you want to get it done at, how they do it, the cost, etc. It will show your parents that you are responsible and you aren’t just getting it to be cool or something.

  4. Jessica Says:

    ok lol..personally say get them both lol . ..but i have a lot of piercings and tatoos to me its no big deal ..but if ur parents only let u do one say get the tatoo..its going to hurt less then an industrial

  5. Tiffany Says:

    I would say get the tat if it has a REALLY good meaning for it because you don’t want to regret it later on. I would get the piercing if you’re comfortable with it and would care for it with your life [so it doesn't get infected] witch can lead to various things.
    I would get both ONLY if like i said before, were comfortable and caring for them.
    Hope this helped!

  6. Lava Says:

    No matter what you decide, you can always get the other later, your skin isn’t going anywhere. But I’d imagine, since you need permission for either, that it will be easier to convince most parents to allow a piercing over a tattoo.

    And personally I think if you’ve already changed your mind about one piercing, that you may change your mind again. So I would wait on the tattoo until you can’t imagine your life without it. Piercings are easier to undo.

  7. Dethklok Says:

    I completely agree with the first responder a piercing is far less permanent then a tatty.

    But it all comes down to what really means more to you.

    If the heart or the music note means more to you I would say get it in a less obvious area. ankle shoulder that kind of area.

    piercings are good if that is again truly what you want.

    if your parents say no to the tat fair enough get the piercing.
    But make sure this tat is something you want for the rest of your life and make sure not to go to some shady parlor for either.

  8. kelvin S Says:

    I would get the nose piercing, that way if you regret it later you can always take it out and let it heal up by itself. If you get the tattoo and end up regreting it, you will need very expensive laser removal to have it removed.

  9. timothy Says:

    you should if you really want it
    as for the tattoo you need to be care full and look for
    the best artist that you can find
    because scrapler will hurt you really bad.that is what i call someone
    that say they can tattoo and can’t
    never the less you will get what you pay for

  10. what is good with out the bad.?? Says:

    Honey its honestly up to you. You have got to think about the healing process. I have multiple tattoos and the industrial piercing. A tattoo takes what two weeks to heal depending on how fast you heal, and you say its going to be small so that means it would probably take a week. The tattoos on my feet took about a month due to the matter of fact I had to wear shoes for work. :( it was a bad decision, but I love them. The only reason I say it was a bad decision is because I should have waited for vacation or time off work. The industrial can take six to twelve months to heal. I have had mine now five months and it has its good and bad days. You have to be VERY careful about your hair getting caught in it, and you can have one good day to where it doesn’t hurt or noting, and then you don’t clean it properly and it can easily get sore. A tattoo will be a quick healing process, and the industrial is a long healing process. It is up to as what you think you can handle.

  11. oopsmore15 Says:

    I have a bunch of both and I would say get the piercing first and maybe later get the tat.

    I would also get your first tat in a place that is easier to heal, your wrist is used a lot and can get bumped and scratched easy. My friend got love written on her wrist and during the healing she scratched her arm working outside and now it looks like it says lome.

    I am not trying to talk you out of it just maybe a better place to begin with. I have one behind my ear and it hardly hurt, I can cover it with my hair, and it healed very easy.

    Also look up other piercings at there are tons of cool things there.

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