Best place to have a surface piercing?

I don't mean as in shop or location, I just mean like, place on your body! I want as many original ideas as I can get please! My best answer will go to the person who thinks up a really unique and beautiful placement for a surface bar! NO TIME WASTERS

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  1. bonehead Says:

    ive got one on my eyebrow and one on the back of my neck

  2. C o w b o y F r o m H e l l Says:

    I have nape – back of my neck =]

  3. ?? Says:

    my nose!! i like letting that sparkling stud shine and bling into my eyes!! is that crazy or…

  4. Courtney Says:

    Hip surface piercings are HOT.

  5. Stef C Says:

    on the wrist
    on the front not on the back

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