How should I let my new OB/GYN know that I have a genital piercing?

I am going to see a new OB/GYN next month. How should I tell her that I have a genital piercing? It's a vertical clitoral hood piercing, so it will not get in the way of the examination, but I don't want to startle her by making it a "surprise". Should I say something beforehand? I know that some doctors might be uncomfortable with this. I can't imagine it's something they see every day...

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  1. IsThisFatal Says:

    You should definitely tell her. And I’m sure it IS something they see everyday, or nearly. Don’t worry and let her know.

  2. o0xMiiszUniique Says:

    Just be like idk if you need to know this but i have a peircing on my coochieee! lol im sure she hears it all the timee…

  3. Bored in NH Says:

    Ha, they probably see it more than you think. And just let them know before they actually start the exam… but it’s no big deal to them…

  4. gardeniagirl07 Says:

    I agree that this is something that doctors see way more than you think. OB/GYN’s have seen everything there is to see. Trust me. Even if you tell your doctor ahead of time, as soon as you spread your legs for a pelvic exam, the doctor is going to see it. The doc may make a comment, but as long as you don’t have any problems with the piercing, I seriously don’t think that your doctor is going to ‘scold’ you. It is your
    body after all, and there isn’t much that the doc can do or say that will affect you.

    That being said, it is strictly up to you as to whether or not you want to let your doctor know ahead of your exam.

  5. Fliss Says:

    I tend to think the same in regards to my tongue ring when they say, “now open wide” but i am sure they have had to deal with all this a lot more often then you may think.

    If you feel like it would be easier telling it straight up then do so, don’t feel embarrassed (i know easier said than done) but i can assure you, you’re not going to be the only one she/he has seen with a genital piercing.

    If you know for a fact it is not going to be in the way then you really don’t need to mention it, only if it was going to make the situation harder which it wont, so i say its up to you but once again don’t feel silly. Im sure they’ve seen all different kinds of things happening down there! Haha

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