Any cool piercing ideas?

Hi =] So I already have a belly button piercings and two tattoos, but I really want to get another piercing done. I was thinking of doing my tongue, but i heard it's dangerous. I don't really mind that tho and I really like it but I was wondering does anyone have any other cool ideas? I've heard neck studs, but that's a little too extreme haha. Oh give me your ideas and let me know if it hurts, and if it's dangerous or something. Thanks! xx Jillyann. I'm 18, and I'm not sensitive to pain. =] So pain isn't a BIG issue, only want to know how others experienced it. Under belly button is cool. I still like the tongue idea haha, can't help it. Industrial seems painful =| Nipple piercing =P hahaha. Idk!

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  1. heyyall Says:


  2. Drama8888 Says:

    The top of ur ear

  3. Cyndi G Says:

    You should get one of these:
    -top of ear

  4. Amanda A Says:

    I have my tongue done and it didn’t hurt at all, although it is slightly dangerous it is well worth it in the long run….trust me you will love it.

  5. Selena? Says:

    ewww. dont get any!

  6. lil_anti_angel Says:

    SNAKE BITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. clare Says:

    depends how old you are.. I dont want to reccommend anything too extreme lol. surface piercings are cool but I see no point because theyl eventually fall out. My friend has the back of her neck done and has a bar with diamante balls in it, and thats really really nice! you could always get your belly button done again at the bottom or side.. nipple piercings are hidden but naughty. No piercing is sore as long as you make sure you get it frozen!

  8. Shanzie Says:

    Don’t do a tongue piercing. Those aren’t impressive, they’re disgusting.
    And don’t get any clear piercings. They get stained easily.
    I suggest an industrial bar. My friend is likely getting it in her left ear in a few weeks. They look pretty cool.
    Whether it hurts or not depends on how sensitive you are to pain. I’ve heard that it does hurt, but it’s worth it.

  9. jerii Says:

    I think all piercings hurt, but you should totally get an Industrial.
    It might hurt during the first couple weeks from bumping your ear but it’s totally worth it because it looks really awesome. If done by a professional, then it won’t be dangerous at all.

  10. Agirl27 Says:

    Snake bites, monroe, tragus, rook, tounge is not that bad actually just go to someone certified and keep it clean- and double tounge piercings look cool- this one girl i know had 5 piercings in the shape of a star on her belly button… and im not a fan but septum- its easy to hide and if you dont like it no visible scars …..
    least painful of these is prob tragus or tounge if their done right

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