hip surface piercing or microdermal?

I really want to get my hips pierced but i'm also looking into getting microdermals. I play soccer but i have about 5 months for the piercing to heal before i go back to soccer....what would be better, getting a surface piercing and just taking them out during games, or getting microdermals?

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  1. Kel Says:

    Microdermals. The rejection rate is much lower and they aren’t as painful.

  2. Tresojos Says:

    i think it would be best if you didn’t get the piercings since you play soccer. both are easily caught on clothes…and everything. even if they heal in that period of time, it is still very easy to knock them and get them very irritated

  3. Mindy. Says:

    i have the microdermal hip piercings
    and they are pretty awesome
    so definately go with microdermals

    they hurt alot less too

  4. RenegadeAngel Says:

    Getting microdermals would be the logical choice, considering you’d take out your surface bar.. which wouldn’t be good.

    Hip piercings (as with all surface piercings) have a high rejection rate which is only increased by playing with, removing, and irritating the piercing. Most surface piercings never heal, anyway.

    Keep in mind that microdermals are still surface piercings, but only have a single piercing point, and are still prone to rejection, even if the risk is lower than a piercing using a surface barbell.

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