What is going on with my navel piercing?

I got my navel piercing a little over a week ago. Since then, it has gotten infected once, due to the fact that people constantly touched it. I used Bactine to clean it about 3 /more times a day. At first, the pain was pretty extreme, and it was red all around, and then the crusties and puss came, and the pain decreased. Today, I took off a crustie with a qtip after cleaning with Bactine, and the pain grew extreme again, and sensitivity occured. What is going on with my navel ring? Is it rejecting? I've had over 10 piercings and this never happened with any of them. Also, the skin around my navel ring was peeling and cracked. What could this mean?

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  1. savannah? Says:

    Its probably fake jewelry.
    From now on don’t let people touch it.It took mine about 4-6 months until it fully healed.

  2. Ashley Says:

    I would take the ring out and go to your doctors yo make sure that you do not have a really bad infection. A lot of people have this problem when piercing their stomach. Let it close up and heal and then try another place if you really want the piercing. Oh and DON’T let ANYONE touch it!

  3. dxg Says:

    Next time use real gold and ignore the items that say gold plated.

  4. ...Lozza... Says:

    dont let people touch it, that could b y its really painful, clean it for the first few weeks 3 times a day and soak the piercing in warm salt water for about 15 mins this takes out all the dirt thats inside, if you can try and take the top ball off very carefully and clean it with a cotton ball thats been soaked in salt water..what r u cleaning it with at the moment??oh and the skin peeling around it means its trying to heal dont worry about that, and the crusty stuff around the hole can also be clean with the salt solution just be very gentle.
    email if u have any more questions

  5. A Silent Reminder Says:

    First off, do not let people touch your fresh piercing EVER. Second, Bactine dries piercings out. Using it more than 3 times a day is really drying it out. STOP USING IT!! Clean it right – mix 1/4 tsp of sea salt with 8oz of warm water & soak your piercing twice a day. It will take a while to work, but it will help in the long run. The peeling & cracking means it’s extremely dried out.

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