Unique piercing ideas and lists?

Can anyone give me a list of unusual and unique piercings? I have been craving a new piercing,but I want something a little less common.Any ideas?

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  1. Mrs.Shaffer Smith Says:

    the little space between the thumb and idex finger that would be celw or for a guy their important part haha lol jk

  2. wittlekasey Says:


    By far, the best website for peircing and body modification.

    When I was in high school I wanted a cute, new piercing. But I didn’t want the normal nostril or navel piercing that is way too common for girls.
    I saw quite a few girls with septum piercings so I went for it!

    Although I no longer have it, it was the best piercing I’ve ever had (minimal pain, no swelling or infection)- and i never would have thought of it if it weren’t for BMEzine.

  3. ewchloe Says:

    Look on bmezine, they have loads of awesome and unusual piercings. Surface piercings I love, but they grow out so you may won’t to look into micro dermals. I also love industrial (R.I.P mine), rookes, and reverse belly buttons (on the bottom rather than the top).
    I also think tongues are amazing and ever so sexy, but you could have venoms (one of each side of your tongue) which are less common.

  4. Tiko Says:

    Nape (the back of the neck)

    Bridge (part of your nose right between your eyes)

    Industrial (double cartilage piercing, kinda)

    Daith (another ear piercing, rarely seen)


    Transverse Tragus

    That’s all I can think of.

    Surface piercings are pretty unusual (and can be done just about anywhere on the body), so I would suggest getting a surface piercing if you’re into the odd :) Be warned though; many piercers refuse to do surface piercing due to high rejection rates, and high risk of infection on certain areas.

    Happy piercing :D

  5. aussiechick1579 Says:

    dahlia piercings:

    anti eyebrow:

    Bridge piercing:

    Cheek piercings:

  6. Emily Says:

    Go for microdermals. I’m gettin’ some soon and I loooove the look. They are ten times better than surface piercings because they rarely reject (if they are done properly) and you can get a very unique look. They are sometimes described as “one point piercings” because they are just little beads sitting on your skin and you can get them virtually anywhere.

    It might be difficult finding someone to do it though, because it is a fairly new practice and most piercers are still mastering the art before offering them to customers.

    But good luck!

  7. Haylie M Says:

    Hips, collar bones,

    Chest, cheeks, chin.

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