How often should I use mouthwash on my new piercing?

I just got my lip pierced today and I got clwaning solution and mouthwash with it. this is the 2nd time I have gotten snake bites so im used ta it but Im just wondering, how often should I use the mouthwash to clean the part of the piercing inside my mouth??? he said after, smoking (don't smoke btw), drink, kiss, eat. I think its a little extreme to clean it THAT much a day!!! so from expreience how often should I use the mouth wash?

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  1. sassy Says:

    I think you should listen to the piercer… they know best….

  2. Jade L Says:

    When i got mine done i used Dial Anti-Bacterial Soap, i think its orange, and i put it in warmish water and cleaned the outside skin with it. I used mouth wash for the inside. Its good to do it in the morning when you wake up, and at night before bed.

  3. Tay Says:

    I had my lip pierced before & I have my tongue & Monroe now, I would wash it out after I smoked, and after I ate a meal, and then when I woke up & before sleep. I would just swish it around in my mouth, and sometimes take a q-tip & wash the outside. Believe it or not if you clean it too much, it will get infected. Hope I helped some.

  4. ROSANNA C Says:

    To prevent infection, you actually should use mouthwash that many times.

  5. +StitcheS+ Says:

    lol i like the first person’s answer, just bc it’s wrong…lol

    in reality, from personal experience, a lot of piercers (and tattoo artists) don’t know what they’re talking about. u’re right, it is too much. it is true that u should use mouthwash after every time u smoke, or at least try to, but not every time u eat, drink, or even kiss. ur wound creates it’s own bacteria that will help the skin heal, if u use mouthwash that often, that bacteria will be washed away…since u don’t smoke, use ur mouthwash twice a day.

    EDIT: 2nd one is also right, Dial Antibacterial Soap is good for piercings ( BUT use it only once a day)

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