How long after getting you Frenum (genital) pierced do you have to wait for sex?

How long after getting you Frenum (genital) pierced do you have to wait for sex?

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  • Should I get a genital piercing? ...I know my parents have to approve if I’m under 18. I’ve not talked to my dad about it. They are too straight. I’m 16, but I got this desire for a genital piercing, a frenum, under the shaft and just behind the head. I was told I cannot have a...

  • Would getting a “frenum piercing” be considered as a masochistic practice? ...There are some genital piercings that are extreme and can be viewed as mutilating to the penis itself… like the “Prince Albert” piercing which pierces directly through the penis itself. But then there are other genital piercings, like the frenum piercing, which only pierces through the surround skin, usually on the underside of the...

  • Please help answer a male genital piercing question? ...I am a male with a genital piercing (reverse frenum ring above the penis). It looks real good and clean… and I’m happy with it. And my wife likes it too. I’m thinking about getting maybe 3 more down there (a regular frenum ring, and two hafada rings… one on each side)....

  • Are piercings such as nipple and frenum piercings considered extreme piercings? ...When I first heard of genital piercings, I used to consider that extreme piercings. But afterwards I found out that piercings such as a frenum piercing, is nothing more than a piercing through the loose skin under the head of the penis. This is the same loose skin that is cut during circumcision....

  • Are ALL types of genital piercings considered “genital mutilation”? ...There are different types of genital piercings. There are the kind that pierce directly through the organ itself, like the head of the penis for example… and then there are the types that pierce only the skin surrounding the organ, like the frenum piercing that pierces only the skin located under the head of the...

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  1. Shaniqua Johnson Says:

    Probably about 6 weeks. You need to make sure the piercing is completely healed. Ask where you get the piercing. They will know.

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