Could my tongue piercing be irritated from using a tooth whitening mouth wash?

I've had my tongue pierced for 2 years now. I have Listerine Extreme Whitening Pre-brush rinse treatment, and I never use it, but just recently I used it for 3 days in a row, and I noticed on the 3rd day my tongue started feeling sore underneath. I can't stretch it out either, it hurts a lot! It's difficult to talk/eat and underneath is also red. It's been almost 2 days and the pain is still there, plus my tonsils feel swollen and you think the Listerine mouthwash would do this? (it's contains alcohol) what should I do? It also contains Hydrogen Peroxide, a harsh cleaning chemical.

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  1. peanut 2 Says:

    Yeah its likely that mouthwash if it started 3 days after you using it. Stop using the mouthwash and see if it gets a better after a few days. if it does you should stop using it. hydrogen peroxide doesnt tend to go well with tounge piercings.

    and if your tonsils are being affected too your likely allergic to an ingredient

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