chances of a surface piercing rejection?

i'm getting my sternum pierced (cleavage) and i was thinking like what was the percetage of rejection from it? i know it has to be done well and with proper jewelry. im getting them done with the flexible type (tygon) and no worries i'm going to a professional to do it but i still fear rejection, and if it does reject how can i know, how long does it take to and how often does this happen?

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  1. therobotgetdown Says:

    surface piercings last a good year even when u take amazing care of
    them make sure the piercer checks if your built for it b/c some ppl
    arent and itll reject quicker. but there gorgeous and hope it works out.

    ps: if u get it make sure u take amazing care of it dont sleep on it
    b/c that always will make it reject quickly too okay :]

  2. Kelllly H Says:

    every piercing at some point is going to move or reject over time, you just have to look after them properly and avoid knocks and bumps

    it really depends on how your body reacts to piercings as to how long they will last,
    ive had my chest pierced since may (originally march but that one rejected :( ) and they’re still going strong,
    but i know people who’ve had the same and have had no luck
    (but my body loves titanium haha)

    flexible jewellery would probably be easier for your body to notice as foreign, but it would also be harder to push out, so i guess it just depends on luck :s

    well anyway, good luck
    they’ll look great :)

  3. Kat C Says:

    Surface piercings reject really, really easily, and it’s just a matter of whether your body likes it or not. It can even reject years after it’s healed; the whole situation is a hit-or-miss.

    You will know it is rejecting if it is red and swollen more than a few weeks after it was pierced, if it starts to migrate to one side or the other, or if you can see the bar through your skin.

  4. Hurtese Says:

    Tygon definitely helps out. But if you want it to be a permanent piercing, I would suggest getting dermal anchors. It is a cross between a surface piercing and an implant. And personally, I find it to be less painful and easier to take care of.

  5. xx_loser_kid_xx Says:

    All surface piercings eventually grow out

    and rejection is extremely high

    You know its rejecting as the skin can become inflamed, flakey and sore and red, and the bar is slowing rising through the skin

    If you clean it, don’t mess around with it, get it done properly with correct jewellery, then it has a good chance of lasting for a while

    Sadly it wont last forever unlike piercings like ears or nose

    If you don’t want a scar(as some people really don’t) then i wouldn’t recommend this piercing, It scars if rejected and scars when it grows out

    All the hest xxx

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