Best Female Genital Piercing?

What do you guys and gals think is the best FGP? (Feel free to use your own criteria for "best') I currently have a VCH, small gauge so I never notice it. I want another FGP, but more VCHs and HCH won't fit :/ I have been doing research for years, just wanted some opinions and experiences from other people. Please, just genital piercings, not whole body. Thanks everyone!

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  1. RenegadeAngel Says:

    I love the look of triangles and fourchettes.

  2. k8lander Says:

    I’ve never been a big fan of hchs. They’re just not fun, and they don’t suit a lot of anatomies.

    Triangles are fantastic.

    If the vch isn’t doing anything for you, up your gauge and get a larger ball. It makes a HUGE difference. They’re also more stable. :)

    Check out the website ‘rings of desire’. That woman invented the triangle, and there’s tons of info, and some pictures too.

  3. QueenOfPain Says:

    Well generally the VCH is the piercing that gives the woman the most pleasure, if it is done correctly and with the proper gauge of jewelry. You don’t say if you want pleasure or if you just want it to be more noticeable.

    If you want more pleasure, you can upgauge your existing VCH and see if that helps. If you want a more noticeable piercing, you could try the Christina piercing (otherwise known as the Venus). You want to find a piercer who is experienced in this type of piercing to make sure it is placed correctly.

    There are the triangle and fourchette piercings. I would be extremely careful when considering the triangle. It is a very deep piercing. NOBODY should attempt the triangle unless they are very experienced!!! You could have nerve damage and excess bleeding.

    You could also have your labia pierced. The labia can accomodate several piercings, allowing for a much more ornamental look! Or, you could do multiple piercings.

    Hope that helps! Good luck…sounds like you are having fun! Good for you! :)

  4. chickenbunny Says:

    Personally, I like triangles and Christinas.

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