Lip Piercing.. Im wondering if i have to wait a while to kiss my boyfriend.?

Im a female and i just got my lip piercing and i heard i cant kiss my boyfriend. Im wondering if its true and for how long. Im also wondering if i can still have oral sex with him, they said i might catch an infection or something. Professionals only no suggestions.

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  1. Kelly. Says:

    You can kiss him, but lightly, it’ll just hurt a lot. And I would refrain from oral sex because yes, you can get an infection in the piercing and it’ll reject. And that hurts.

  2. idk Says:

    the only reason not to is because it would hurt.

  3. arl1234567 Says:

    It is advisable not to kiss, perform oral sex, smoke, or drink beer with a fresh lip piercing. It’ll hurt to do these things, and they increase the risk of infection.

  4. LaurieLaurieLaurie Says:

    im wanting to be a profeshh piercer
    i got my lip done a week before christmas. is the swelling still present? if swellin is still there i would firstly wait til that goes down. also my piercer says you can change the bar after 2 weeks so i would wait about 2/3 weeks? or until your body feels comfortable. if its sore to touch with your tongue; dont kiss him. if it still hurts to talk/ eat with wait until you feel comfortable moving your lip before making a move.
    i waited 11 days til i kissed my boyfriend. but it was still painful. same with the oral sex issue. your body is the best person to talk to as different peopel react to piercings in different ways.

  5. ??ced Says:

    You can kiss him at any time. But full on making out and oral sex needs to wait until it’s fully healed (about 8 weeks), because you don’t want anyone Else’s bodily fluids in a new open wound.

  6. Sara Says:

    Kissing should be okay as long as you’re gentle with it-(as long as they’re the dry, ‘im-kissing-my-grandma-because-i-have-to’ kisses at first. sorry, but if u swap to many fluids you’ll double your chances of getting infected. After two weeks or so you can start to kiss like normal-

    as for the oral sex thing, i did that with my guy at three weeks…just make sure to wash with mouthwash afterward. you’re not supposed to, but it didnt hurt anything for me, as long as you clean it afterward and his penis is clean. just use mouthwash all the time and you should be okay. have…fun! heh ;]

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