would taking some vicodin before a piercing help?

its not that i cant handle the pain. i got my belly button pierced and was fine, i just happen to have them left over from oral surgery so why not eliviate myself a bit? will it have any positive effect? (no dumb uneducated answers like "it thins your blood and you will bleed to death") how am I stupid? go watch idiocracy hunny. thats you. good job

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  1. Bree Bree ;) Says:

    You’re stupid.

  2. ange!ica Says:

    yes.. but don’t take more than needed, its addicting and yea.
    i suggest other pain or sleeping pills though

  3. jack&sally Says:

    it really doesn’t do anything its just stupid if you want it done get it with out the meds and take them when you can relax and feel good on them

  4. event horizon Says:

    “Getting a piercing” is not a good excuse to take a controled substance. There are no “positive” or “healthy” effects of Vicodin (if positive=healthy)…if you can handle the pain, then you are fine. No reason to put a dangerous substance into your body for no reason, and try to convince yourself that there is a valid reason to take the drug. If the Vicodin was meant for the surgery, than it shouldnt be taken for any other reasons.

    Haha..idiocracy is an awesome movie!
    Why come you dont have a tattoo? lol

  5. Riverrunsred Says:

    It really will not help with that kind of pain since it is just a short jab. It is meant to help with long term pain like from your surgery. Piercings are not that bad, and they are over in a couple seconds.

  6. Annastajia D Says:

    You don’t need to take anything like that. As you stated you already know you can handle the pain. Don’t break the rules just to avoid a bit of pain you already know you can take. If you are signing the consent form you are stating you are not using any substances, so why bother lying. It really wouldn’t help that much anyway aside from possibly calming your nerves a little and keeping you more still. Just take a deep breath, listen to your artist and know that it will be over very quickly. good luck.

  7. Emily Says:

    yummy i eat them shits like skittles
    itl help take like 4
    well, it depends how many mlg’s

  8. sand3419 Says:

    No drugs of any kind.
    Just suck it up and do it. Relax and breath. This is the way to handle this.
    No Vicodine, no aspirin, no alcohol.
    Just do it raw. Do it right. That is best.

  9. nickels254 Says:

    What kind of piercing are you looking to get? If you can handle a belly button piercing I think you can handle anything else.

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