Nipple piercing questions:?

I am planning to get both of my nipples pierced in under a month but, before I do so, I wanted to get a few answers for the questions I have: -What is the healing process like? I've heard about itchiness, peeling, extreme soreness, etc. -How would you clean it as it heals? -Are bars or rings better for proper healing? I'm much more partial to bars. -Would the nipples stay hard all the time since there's a bar through them? -I heard about them "aching" when they get hard, is this true or false? -Once their healed, if they're "handled" roughly, is there any next day soreness, etc? -Risk of infection/other complications with nipple piercings? Thanks! Hey guys, thanks for the responses so far but unfortunately they don't really do much to answer my questions, besides offering me personal and sarcastic opinions on what will happen when I get married and have children. To solve this breastfeeding/marriage issue that keeps being brought up, I will say this: I do not plan on having children, therefore I will not need to breastfeed. If I decide to put myself through pregnancy + childrearing, I will remove the piercings but, like I said, this is extremely, extremely unlikely. Additionally, if I choose to marry, my husband would have to be accepting of me and the piercings/other body modifications I have. :]

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  1. ? Says:

    false and if you beastfeed your kid will grow up thinking its a robot

  2. Jellybean Says:

    They are going to be very sore. It doesn’t really matter if it’s bars or rings, you are putting holes in your breasts. They will ache for sure when they get hard. You will always have soreness and risk of infection. You may want to also think of when you are older and married and have a baby, where will the milk come out of your breasts. Will it come out of the holes that are pierced?

  3. Billy Ventricle Says:

    thrust a metal rod through your left one and an asian through the right then buy a corvett and eat it

  4. Margaret Says:

    I’ll answer one at a time.

    -All of those symptoms are possible [I experienced them all] but with time [about 2 weeks] it should all go away except the occasional itchiness.
    - Warm sea salt water several times a day, alcohol mixed with water in the morning.
    - I liked bars better, they kept the hole nice and straight, the rings tended to curve it and it was a bit painful. :[
    - Mine didn’t stay hard all the time, but everyone’s nipples are different. They got hard quite a bit easier, but not 24/7.
    - The first week or so, as they hardened they did twinge quite a bit, but as soon as it’s hard it goes away. About 2 seconds of pain is easily ignorable.
    - After they are completely healed you shouldn’t have any soreness at all unless they are handled to the point that the hole rips or tears.
    - There’s always a risk of infection with piercings, but as long as you keep them clean and air them out occasionally you will be fine. It gives you an excuse to sit around topless for a while. ^_^

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