What are these lumps on my ear lobe near my piercing?

I've had my ears pierced a long time ago when I was a kid, but I always get these lumps in the skin of my ear that get swollen and start hurting when I touch them. Then they go away and come back, this happens in both ears but I'm not sure if the piercing has anything to do with it. What are they?

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  1. rhiannamellor Says:

    keloids (small bumps)… I have one because I kept touching my conch. apparently rubbing alcohol gets rid of them, but I havn’t tried it yet.

    They’re harmless as far as I know, and very common.

    If they’re large bumps, about the size of your thumb pad, it’s an infection. Take it out is my best suggestion….when I had my industrial pierced, it get infected so bad I had a huge lump in my neck, after I took it out the infection completely went away.

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