Genital piercing question?

I'm thinking of getting either my clitoris or my labia pierced. How long do I have to wait to have sex after?

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  1. bsimmons_3 Says:

    2-4 weeks either way to be safe.

  2. DOLLFACE Says:

    Apparently you have an orgasm when you are doing squats (exercises) and sometimes when you are walking. :D

  3. carebear_baby_711 Says:

    well I’m not sure how long but I’m guessing a really long time my best friend got hers done and took it out within 2 days she said its hard to walk you cant really walk at all you cant cross your legs .you cant sit Indian style .. you cant pee right because it hurts.. and you def cant have sex she said .. it hurts wene you cough wene you sneeze and wene you blow your nose.. i don’t know what to tell you except think about it before you go spending all that money on a waste of time

  4. iouaname673 Says:

    Just a warning about the clit piercing. I had two friends of mine get that done. The first said it heightened pleasure during sex incredibly (she could have an orgasm from walking up stairs) the second lost all sensation in her clit.

    Kind of a bummer. Anyway, just letting you know

  5. shellshock Says:

    It depends if you have a vertical or horizontal piercing. A vertical piercing heals quicker than a horizontal. I actually didn’t wait that long to have sex (maybe a week) of course it depends on your partner (it was with my husband). And you might only want to do it one position (only allow him to get it from the back!). Make sure you wash immediately afterwards with a feminine soap like summers eve. You also want to keep you a bottle of bactrin spray. Good luck!

  6. Kayla A Says:

    well most piercers will tell you atleast a month. but common sence says to wait until its healed, otherwise your going to just stop it from healing..

  7. fiji2litre Says:

    I would never do that. But good luck with that.

  8. Liv ? Says:

    I would say go for vertical clitoral hood – that way you can’t lose sensitivity, it heightens pleasure and I’ve heard that labia piercings just get in the way. (I know that’s not what you asked but just giving my opinion!)

  9. Trish Says:

    Clit piercings are very rare, the chick would have to have an abnormally large clit to get that pierced. Even then the chance of losing all sensation in that area is high.
    If you’re talking about the clitoral hood (vertical or horizontal), you should wait about 3-4 weeks for sex. You may want him to wear a condom for about a month after. Same goes for inner/outer labias.
    Which labia were you thinking? If inners, that’s about 3-4 weeks. If outers, that’s closer to two months. The skin with the outers are much thicker then the inners.. I have had my outers pierced for about 6 months and they still get sore from time to time.

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