Should this get in my way of getting a piercing?

I would like a piercing. I've admired them, and I like them because they're part of body art, but friends say I give them the impression of " I want a piercing for a sake of a piercing " I intended to have an oral or eyebrow piercing, then I thought maybe tongue piercings would be cool (and the school can't bust me for it) thing is, when I told my friends, they were overly grossed out and gave me dirty looks about it. I figured later maybe I was rushing, then my dad told me I'm not allowed any piercings but a nose piercing. I have quite a large bone in my nose, so when I told my friends they believe it doesn't suit me at all. This would be much easier to stick to what I first intended (an eyebrow piercing) but my dad nor friends would accept that! My mom supports me, but I don't like how my friends don't accept my decision, nor going anywhere near supporting it. So many opinions get in my way. What should I do? (Waiting 'til uni helps, but would it be a good time?)

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  1. Joseph C Says:

    I have an eyebrow, an industrial and three labrets across my bottom lip, my parents are against it since they are old timers so they can’t relate to our style and taste, and you’ll get that a lot from other people. As for your friends, well, my friends are okay with it, and for people who you consider friends to disapprove you from what you like or look like in appearance, aren’t really your friends after what you wish, it’s your life, live it however you want to. .

  2. Helen Kitty Says:

    dont mind your friends, if you want it then get it. if theyre youre real friends they wont criticise if they do criticise maybe theyre not the type of people you want in your life. my friend has actually got a big bone in her nose and before she got it pierced i thought itd never suit her, but actually it looks really well.

  3. Sugar Shine Says:

    I’m not going to preach about how “Its your body” and all that, just do what you want. Of course, you’ll have to wait until you get both parents permission or you’re eighteen. Your friends shouldn’t get in the way of doing what you wish. <3

  4. ammybaybee Says:

    dnt listen 2 anyone get wat you want cuz ts ur body not theirs who cares wat other ppl think u shuld b happy not them

  5. pash_babie Says:

    you should get what you want not what you friends want. i have a nose, tongue and belly button piercing and my friends kept telling me i went overboard but hey its my body and i like them so they just got used to it, coz thats whet real friends do!

  6. ?ยง?????? Says:

    i have my eyebrow pierced, i had it done 10 years ago…i had my “downstairs” pierced and when i told my friend i was getting it done, she was like “whats the point in that? you belong in a nut house!!!” i thought to myself how pathetic, it made me more determined to go and get it done…so i did..then 4 days later i got my tongue done…it’s your body, your life, your choice!!!

  7. Erika Says:

    Well for starters, real friends would support you in a choice such as this. If they don’t want to be your friend anymore because of a piercing then you didn’t need them to start with.

    A piercing is much better than a tattoo because if you don’t like it then it’s easily removed. I personally have had a tongue piercing for 12 years now with no problems at all. I keep a clear ring in it too so many people don’t even know that I have it.

    Ultimately if you are under 18 and you live in dads house then you should probably listen to what he says but you shouldn’t let your friends opinions bother you. Maybe if you just started out with a nose ring (very small) on the side of your nose then your dad would get used to it and let you get something else pierced such as your eyebrow.

    Hope that helps.

  8. yippie Says:

    i have an 2 in each lobe, industrial, tragus, one in the ear cartilage above my tragus, septum (bull ring) and belly button. i got them because i love them. my friends have no objections to them and have been with me for some of them. my parents dont like them too much, especially the septum, but they’re for me, no one else. get what you want. its your body and you should express yourself for who you are, not what they deem acceptable.

  9. jeanette . Says:

    It’s your body.
    You can get what you want.

    But if your dad doesnt want you to get anything besides ears and nose, I say you wait and respect your parent’s wishes.

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