Oral Piercing Corrosion?

I've been looking into getting an oral piercing, (whatever, they're gross, unsanitary, blahblah). I have a metal filling in my mouth. If I get an oral piercing, I would have two dissimilar metals in an electrolyte solution (saliva.) Am I correct in believing that, since steel is pretty stable, my tooth filling would be corroded? Has anyone with an oral piercing and a metal filling ran into this problem? I know that bioplast and quartz jewelry is available, but I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that those are not used as initial jewelry. I can't find anything on the net addressing this problem. Am I pretty much s.o.l. with getting an oral piercing? So I'm open to hearing any information anyone can offer! Thanks!

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  1. Alan F Says:

    They are dissimilar metals but the stud is stainless steel, and so is not reactive. I am sure that if there was a problem it would have been raised many years ago. Similarly dentures or braces can have metal in them, and it is stainless steel, and cause no problem with amalgam fillings.

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