What looks better on a female?

Either an eyebrow piercing barbell http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a144/clchrismer/eyebrow1.jpg or ring http://tattoo.about.com/library/graphics/buggeye.jpg or lip piercing ring http://www.inklined.ca/images/canada-tattoo/lip-piercing-350.jpg i was just wondering. i'm gunna get one or the other and i was just wondering what ppl thought. i dont care witch kind of ring. you choose. as long as you give a reason why you chose the one you did. I have my ears pierced. I have 2 cartillage piericings. (one on each ear.) and i have three on the lobe. i just started to gauge the bottom (right now its not very big. Just a 14g).

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  1. freedums Says:

    that first girl is hot.

  2. Meri's Angel Says:

    Barbell because it looks nicer i think

  3. mandy Says:

    Definately a barbell eyebrow ring. It’s more subtle and less trashy.

  4. brookers Says:

    none makes girls or guys look trashy and gross and ewww itll just make you look worse trust me!!!!!!!!

  5. phanta23va Says:

    go with the eyebrow because if you ever choose to remove it , it wont leave a nasty mark on your face.

  6. Gabrielle Says:

    If you were gonna get one of these, I think I’d get a barbell in my eyebrowl, it’s very cute and you can have different colors for the balls lol.

  7. Sophay K Says:

    i would choose the barbell

    it looks the best out of them all and its more subtle than the others.
    i personally feel like the rest of them are distracting to the face

  8. daprincessinpink Says:

    A barbell all the way!

  9. Kelsey T Says:

    Well, you have to figure out what would go with your face better.
    For example, my lips are very tiny so I’d look odd with a lip ring, my eyebrows are short and thin, so I’d also look crappy with an eyebrow piercing. But my nose is small and ‘cute’ so I look good with a nose ring.
    Just choose what goes with your face.

  10. Dick W Says:

    I’m upper level management. I do not hire anyone, man or woman with a visible tattoo. A piercing? Out of the question. Take my advice and leave such things to tribal members in Borneo.

  11. fignutalicious Says:

    if you go for the eyebrow piercing, I’d say stick with a barbell. It’s going to be long at first anyway, but after it heals you can get one short enough to only see the two balls on the end, which will give your eyes a “beauty mark” effect. Also, women tend to have full lips which we accent with makeup, so having a ring or vertical labret there will also add the same enhancing effect

  12. baby Says:

    i think you should get a nose ring.
    you can make it cute or sexy or hot, whatever
    but dont get an eyebrow peircing
    they do make you look trashy
    and the hair will stop growing there
    so if you decide you dont want it anymore
    youll permanently be missing part of your eyebrow.
    so you get to draw it on the rest of your life

    actually lip piercings arent bad either
    but not a ring.
    studs are cute (:

  13. Hannah S Says:

    It depends onthe type of face you have. Though the eyebrow with a barbell is the most universally good looking piercing. Lip piercings are also look good on most people, but on some they may look too extreme. I would recomment going with the eyebrow first as I have found it is usually a good “entryway” piercing. It will help you to decide if you even like the look of jewelry in your face. I have 16 piercing, but I’m a piercer and it goes with the territory. Test the waters and see how you like it.

    P.S. Welcome to the world of the decorated!

  14. Amanda S Says:

    I personally dont like rings, I think it can look sexy and classy (I have one myself) to have a feminine nose stud. But thats just my opinion.

  15. HunkyDoryinRI Says:

    I think it would be awkward kissing someone with a pierced lip.

  16. *Hollister |M|* Says:


  17. ?†M€?????†? Says:

    I have my eyebrow pierced. The put a ring in it at first, I found I was always knocking it around or accidently touching, cause it stuck out. I say the barbell will be nicer for the healing process.

  18. Drama school drop out Says:

    no no no these people are mad dont get the barbell!! get the lip ring but in the moddle it looks awesum !!!!!!

  19. Amanda H Says:

    personally I don’t think piercings look good on girls. They either make them look lesbian and very trashy. Honestly if you have to get a piercing, I’d say a more feminine look is the lip ring, monroe piercing, or a tiny nose stud. But either way I’d definitlely think about the after effects before getting something that drastic done.

  20. Isabella R Says:

    barbell, ring looks way too harsh, barbell looks more subtal(sp) and prettier on girls.

  21. megleg88 Says:

    I dont really like eyebrow piercings just because if you decide to take it out there can be a scar that will last forever. I do like lip piercings tho and they look really cute with a little ring.

  22. Clamshell 19 Says:

    Eyebrow barbell
    It’s sexy as a wink.
    It will heal faster.
    The others are a
    bit harsh, for a
    sweet young face.
    The eyebrow ring
    distracts from the
    eye itself. The lip ring
    looks like something
    on animals at auction.
    I’m not into piercing, I
    like another body art .

  23. drastikwayz Says:

    eyebrow barbell because it looks nicer

  24. Matt Says:

    I like the ring myself.

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