Is This Normal For A Tounge Piercing To Be Doing?

I Just Got My Tounge Pierced On Firday And It Been 3 Days Now. Today When I Woke Up There Was A Redish Bownish Blob Coming Out Of The Hole. Is That Normal To Happen, Or Is It A Sign That Its Infected? Please Help! =)

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  1. VolleyBAller Says:

    I would beleive it is infected. tounge peircings get infected really easily.

  2. heythere Says:

    that doesn’t sound normal. they get infected easily. that’s why they tell you to wash your mouth out with mouthwash often.

  3. phyrekiss Says:

    No, it isnt infected. Its healing, oozing is normal. Continue to rinse your mouth out, and try to clean it witha Q-Tip.

  4. Byung Says:

    I have had my tongue pierced for about 5 years now and I love it if you can push threw the pain and what not.

    the redish brownish blob might just be old blood. dont really know id call the place where you got it pierced at.

    get some poroxcil sorry about the spelling at your local pharmacy. and wash your mouth out with that 4-6 times a day
    still use the mouth wash 4-6 times a day and after everytime your eat, smoke, drink (excluding water), and when ever you put something in your mouth.
    plus get some sea salt and mix in a dixie cup a pinch of that plus some warm water and swish around for a few and spit. this helps your mouth heal a little faster. good luck.

  5. Best answer is usually simple Says:

    In-Fec-Tion. The human tongue is one of the dirtiest in the animal kingdom mainly due to poor oral health. (Brushing teeth) Now with the H1N1 influenza going around and the fact that you stuck a nail through part of your bodies protective outer layer (skin-ah yes there is a layer of skin on the tongue) What did you expect? You should have been drinking straight alcohol for the week to keep the area sanitized. >Not much help for the grey cells- – but it seems alot of them are damaged anyways so no great loss – -
    And you call the Zulu zulu tribe of deepest Africa “primitive” because they are sticking wood spears through their noses, lips, ears and frontal body flaps of skin..
    Seems you are following same dress code making you just as primitive and behind the “times”.
    The Zulu tribe get National Geographic in schools so they can see pictures of people like you and realize the ornamentation and body paints(makeup) hasn’t changed one bit.

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