Do tongue piercings make oral better?

My friend's girlfriend had a tongue piercing and he said he couldn't tell much of a difference and that it didn't really make it better. He also thought maybe she just didn't know how to use it right, ha. So.. what's the deal, homes?

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  1. Zee ? Says:

    I heard it makes you tickle more, but not sure. I’m navel pierced not tongue.

  2. Mr Foul Frogs Says:

    …I don’t know.

  3. wonnaknow? Says:

    yes, tongue rings can make oral sex better. for both a man and a woman. u just have to actually use it lol

  4. Tommy Says:

    I heard

    if you make her suck an ice cube before – to make the piercing go cold

    THEN it feels wayy better

  5. earl p Says:

    no it doesnt, there was a big phase a few years back when everyone thought it did because a song came out about it, so it got in everyone head.

  6. Melody Says:

    A guy told me that the girl’s tongue stud didn’t make it better.

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