Is my nose piercing infected? If so, am I taking care of it right?

So, I got my nose pierced about, a month ago. It's been yanked out accidentally 3 times. But it always turned out okay. I twist/spin it around every day so the hole forms. The piercing was just about to turn normal and not hurt anymore, but just two days ago, something unusual happened. Around my piercing, it was red and puffy. Well, not puffy, but it looked like a pimple. I know that the infection is only severe if green or yellow puss comes out of it, and I don't have that! I got some advice and I decided to clean it with salt water. It's been two days since I have been cleaning it with salt water and it has definitely gotten better. Smaller and the pimple seems to have disappeared. Now it is just a little red and it doesn't hurt as much. Is it still infected? It doesn't seem severe but these boys were scaring me about how it could reach my face and the doctors would have to chop off my nose... now i wouldn't like that. I clean my nose constantly with antiseptic, triple antibiotic for piercings, and salt water. Should I remove it and get it re pierced? It is getting better, and doesn't seem bad, and doesn't hurt and I really like it, so I want to keep it in. But I do not want my nose chopped off. please help? please and thank you!

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  1. Mojo Says:

    It sounds like it’s getting better. I wouldn’t worry about it. Try not to let it get pulled out so much though! You did good with the salt water, if it comes up again, just do that. If it ever comes up and won’t go away though, just go to the place that pierced it and they should tell you what to get for it. Don’t take it out if you think it’s infected, or you’ll trap the infection in.

  2. Stephie Says:

    Na, it doesn’t sound like it’s infected. Just keep using the salt water and keep an eye on it. Worse comes to worse, go to a piercer, and ask them their professional opinion. I thought my tragus piercing was infected but it wasn’t, it got irritated with my hair products, and my piercer was very nice and made me feel much better. NO! Your nose will not be cut off. That’s just plain stupid. Not you, hon, the boys are stupid. Good luck:)

  3. scefisho Says:

    The pimple like bump you’re describing sounds like a small keloid. Good keloid and read about it and make sure that it sounds like what you had. But from my experience, it sounds like you’re describing a keloid.

    The keloid forms on cartilage when it’s not getting enough blood flow to help the piercing heal. I guess cartilage doesn’t have very good circulation. Just keep doing your sea salt water soaks and be really good about doing them. The main reason for doing so is that the sea salt helps clean out gunk and bacteria and the warm water helps to stimulate blood flow which it needs to heal properly.

    Even if it was infected, removing it isn’t smart because then the infection can get trapped underneath the skin and stay there and get worse.

    It sounds like the sea salt soaks are helping and they’re supposed to. If you do think that it’s starting to get infected either now or later, then go to your doctor before you take it out. The doctor will give you antibiotics to fix the infection and then you can decide whether or not you want to take it out.

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