Hmm what piercing to get ??

Well , i have just turned 16 and i have got my belly button pierced , my tragus , my helix and three studs on my right lobe two on my left . My mum likes piercings and tattoos so she does not mind . However , I want something new either a nose piercing or something really unusual on my ears . I like pain so it's all good :) Any ideas ?? :L xx

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  1. LozzieLollie Says:

    How about Micro-Dermals? They are really cool! Well at least I think so… and you can get them done like ANYWHERE!!!

  2. ATL FREAKK Says:

    Get a nose piercing! but dont you think thats ALOT of piercings?

  3. ? Says:

    industral bar

  4. BelllaBetchhh Says:

    How bout a monroe 0r tip peircing? I love peircings as wellll ;)

  5. Polidora Says:

    What?? Gots themselvesr belly button?! Slap my ass and call me Leonel, who gots themselvesr belly button anymore?!

  6. LadyBugz Says:

    get your dimples pierced that is unusual.

  7. Keti Says:

    I would do industrial.

    Or check this out!

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