How do i calm down the swelling in my ear lobe?

well i just got my ears pierced last Wednesday with size 10 gauges.. its been alright it hasn't been hurting or anything but until today i noticed that my left ear lobe was fatter than my right earlobe. my right earlobe is perfectly fine it doesnt hurt not fat looks perfect. the swelling isn't extreme but I'm just worried. Is there anything to be worried about? How can i reduce the fatness?

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  1. Clare Says:

    Probably not maybe but i don’t know just put ice on it if it doesn’t go down then get it checked.

  2. megacool22 Says:

    wow. maybe some neosporin idk if it gets bad go to a doctor

  3. iluv2shop1530 Says:

    it might be infected. use an antiseptic. ice it for the swelling. if it gets worse go to the doctor.

  4. Denese Says:

    Be sure you are cleaning the piercing well with whatever antibiotic they gave you when they did the piercings. Or use neosporin cream, and be sure to apply it to the earring as well.

    If you want to try to reduce the swelling, put some ice in a zip lock bag, wrap in a damp washcoth, and apply for 20 minutes every 3 hours.

    If the swelling increases, or if you notice pain or increasing redness, go to a doctor, as those are signs of an infection.

  5. .heather. Says:

    when you say pierced do you mean you had them punched? if you mean you used tapers that’s normal because your ear is adjusting but if you did have them punched then you ear has been through some trama and i would just try taking some ibuprofen, if it’s not red or anything i wouldn’t worry about it. just keep an eye on it.

  6. kicking your crosses down Says:

    take some advil and for the next couple days do a salt soak 2-3 times a day. this should speed the healing process. use an ice compress as well. do this religiously for a couple days and the swelling should go down. if not, go to your piercer or a docor ASAP.

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