I just recently pierced my tongue. Can I still give oral sex even if I use a dental dam?

I know I'm not supposed to give oral for two months, but is it okay if I use protection?

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  1. ~!~ For Da Ben Dan~!~ Fury Says:

    don’t be stupid and chance it.

  2. JaketheRake Says:

    I wouldn’t.

  3. jane Says:

    Wait. It’s not worth the risk.

  4. carora13 Says:

    The main problems I see are that if it breaks and the person you’re giving oral to has something, you’re gonna get it and there might be a chance that whatever is used for protection or possibly lubrication might irritate the fresh piercing. Besides that I can’t think of any other extra risks.

  5. Clinton R Says:

    Don’t chance it. You may as well inject someone else’s medical history into yourself with a syringe.

  6. pushing27 Says:

    You have a better chance of tearing the new hole and that will bring alot of unnecessary pain to yourself just wait the two months till its is healed and then you protection and have fun i know cause i didnt wait and gave oral and tore mine badly

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