Details about lorem (genital) piercing?

Anyone have one? I got mine done today, and the piercer didn't have his done, so he couldn't give me too much detail. Anyone know exactly how long they left their original ring in? What gauge was yours? Any personal healing issues? How long you were in pain? It didn't hurt too bad while having it done, I do think that I am in more pain now than at the time of the piercing.

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  1. broken_vessel2003 Says:

    Don’t you think it would have been best to ask these ???s BEFORE getting the piercing!?!?

  2. Anisya Says:

    I’m not a guy…so obviously i can’t give personal experience…..

    lorum piercings take 3-12 weeks to heal. (as a rule…always go with the longest healing time provided)
    that typical gauge is either a 14 or 12.
    make sure you don’t have sex for at least 6 weeks, sex following that should not be rough until the piercing heals.
    because of the location, you od stand a decent chance of migration, so if you want to keep the piercing…you should be careful with sexual acts.
    make sure you don’t wear briefs or boxer briefs while the piercing is healing. the less pressure you put on the site while its healing, the better.

    most piercings hurt more after being done that the actual act of piercing. ibuprofen will help and so will ice packs if you can stand to put them there.

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