What’s your favourite piercing?

I want a new one but I'm not sure what to get. I already have my lobes twice, my naval, my right tragus and my left rook. I can't get any facial piercings so I'm really just looking at ear or body piercings. So what's your favourite ear/body piercing? I'd love to hear about anything unusual. Thanks in advance :]

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  1. AslynnW Says:

    Why dont you try getting an industrial bar?? Its like two peircings in one lol. Or a forward helix(in the ear). Or your brooch(on chest above your breast) OH MY GOSH!! YOU COULD TOTALLY EXTREME! And get a corset peircing on your back!! Very pretty. Hope i helped a little.

  2. ? Says:


  3. Alici Says:

    i knew someone who got an orbital. its super cool but it may be a kind of painful piercing

    (its a super long link to a pic sorry)

  4. rohrich brokke Says:

    AMAZING! It should be useful. http://giftchoice.info/26856/body-piercing

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